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Kenyan beef wet fry

If you are craving some tasty kenyan beef made with love, then you must try this recipe…. Recipe: Serves 4 Ingredients 500g beef (chopped into cubes) 1 tsp grated ginger garlic(4 cloves-grated) 1 cup...

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Mukimo with peas

Mukimo is a kenyan dish which mainly originates from the kikuyu community. It comprises of maize, potatoes, peas and salt. Peas are sometimes normally expensive and can be substituted with kahurura (pumpkin leaves) as...

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Coconut Lentils Curry

As much as I love meat, I usually enjoy  vegetarian meals  every now and then and what better way than to indulge in a curry. This coconut lentils curry is Indian inspired.  I will...