Sushi at Furusato

If you love sushi then you should definitely try out Furusato. Situated in Westlands along ring road just next to mystic Gardens. its a lovely place to be on a sunny afternoon for lunch, as you get to seat outside under the umbrella shade and soak up some vitamin D from the sun rays. Its also got an intimate dining area if you find yourself visiting on a not so bright day or in the evening.

There menu is very extensive and there is quite a wide variety of what to chose from if you are there for the Japanese cuisine. However,the continental not so much… as they do not even have  fries after all it is a Japanese Restaurant…lol. My friend and I were shocked when we ordered for garlic fries to go with our spicy wings assuming they were fries sauteed with some garlic…only to have the waiter explain to us that they were thin julienne(strips) of garlic. Thank goodness he explained that part, because I do not know what we would have done with a whole side plate of garlic strips……Don’t get me wrong i love garlic, and use it in almost all my cooking and especially love when the aromas seep through the cracks of the walls, doors, windows and before you know it the whole house is infused with garlic aromas, but eating a whole plate of fried garlic is a different story.

We ordered for 3 types of sushi…..the rainbow sushi, the other two i don’t quite remember the names….but one had a cheese filling and the other one had some crackling bits to it….. The rainbow sushi comes with little drizzles of mayonnaise and i have to admit i have never had sushi with mayo before…and i loved every bite to about fusion cuisine..;-) I had my doubts about the cheese filling one but my friend was eager to try it and it was surprisingly tasty, i guess that was expected as you can’t quite go wrong with cheese..the creamy texture and oozing gooeyness is pure ecstasy. The crackling sushi was definitely a delight as who doesn’t love some crunch in their mouth….So which was my favorite you ask??? well, i couldn’t quite pick one over the other as they were very different and i loved them all. The portions are quite adequate and filling as we took away the remaining, that was a shock as i have been to other sushi places and as much as i love their ambiance and decor, the sushi does not fill you up. We ordered for spicy wings as well which were very juicy as the picture clearly demonstrates….I washed down the sushi with their sweet house wine and of course they have red and white dry wine if sweet is not your cup of tea…Their juices are also fresh as my friend had tangerine which was very refreshing.

Let me know other sushi places you have tried and your favourite type of sushi….

chicken wings

sushi 2sushimini ugali-4shushi 3


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  1. Michelle says:

    So excited to try thesushi and wings!!!Can’t wait to go to Furusato. Thanks Sheen for the review..

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