Tips to stop wasting Fruits

Often I find people are in the habit of buying fruits only to throw them out come the end of the week because they have over ripened or gone bad.

If you’re among these people…fear not you can buy plenty fruit and consume it weeks later


1. Take fruits on the GO!

you can easily carry fruits like apples,oranges,grapes,bananas etc without worrying about spillage as is with fruit salad, however

if fruit salad is your thing, option 2 should help.


2. Chop your fruits and refrigerate them in containers

If you’re like me, then you probably put fruits in a bowl so you can eat them every time you pass them. The problem with this strategy at least for me,

is that I get lazy to peel them and so end up only eating the apples as I can eat them as is. However if you dedicate just 10-15 minutes of your time,

then you can peel, cut different fruits i.e mangoes, pawpaws, watermelon etc. and store them in containers which you can consume easily within 3 days

any longer the fruits tend to go mushy which is great as you can utilize them for smoothies instead of throwing them out.

  • Apples – if you decide to chop apples and store them in containers, be sure to sprinkle lemon or lime juice to stop them oxidizing (turning brown)
  • If you are going to carry your fruits, be sure to pack them in an air tight container and cling film the container, then carry it in a ziplock bag

to avoid any spillage

  • Do not put bananas in fruit salad if you do not intend to eat it immediately, instead carry the banana whole on the side then peel and break it

into pieces with your hands or a spoon and add it  in the fruit salad when your ready to eat it.


3. Over ripe fruit

If you find your fruits ripening faster than you can eat them, simply juice or make them into a smoothies


4. Freezing Fruit

Another great idea is to freeze your fruits whether over ripened or just ripe.

Frozen fruits make for great smoothies especially fruits like bananas,berries(strawberries,blueberries,raspberries etc.), mangoes, papayas…..

  • Bananas – peel skin of and chop into chunks  if too large store in a zip lock bag(sqeeze air out) and freeze till ready to use
  • Berries – combine your favourite berries store in a zip lock bag (squeeze air out) and freeze till ready to use. If using strawberries be sure to

cut the green leafy base out.


  • Same method applies for other fruits…pawpaws be sure to remove seeds chop and freeze  in zip lock bag(squeeze air out)till ready to use
  • Please note you can combine your fruits i.e mangoes and berries, berries and bananas etc. I recommend packaging in 1-2 portions or however large

your family is so as to consume them once and avoid defrosting and freezing which tends to add bacteria to food substances not to mention freezer burn….


5. Use fruits in Salads

Fruits are just not great alone  but they can really enhance and pop your salads

  • Try adding mangoes or pineapples to your kachumbari (tomato salsa) or try one of my mango salads
  • Add sliced lemons sprinkled with lemon juice to leafy green salads
  • Add orange segments to lettuce salads or red cabbage and it automatically becomes a vibrant citrus salad
  • Add raisins,sultanas and most dry fruits in your salads

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  1. Susan says:

    Very insightful. Will sure put it into practice. Keep it up Sheena.

  2. marsha says:

    thanks a bunch…will surely try the carry with you and feeezing…. 🙂

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