Work with Sheena

Congratulations! You found  your way here. What does that mean? It means you are wondering what we can do together, which is fantastic because i love partnering with others to create unique and relevant content. If you are an individual, company, brand, restaurant,school and so forth, here is a list of projects i can get involved in to ensure that you get the best results for you and your customers.


Food Consultancy/Meal Planning:

I recently started implementing healthy habits into my lifestyle. As a result, i am passionate about working with individuals who are interested in adopting similar changes. Thus rather than just create a meal plan, i work with you to understand your needs, so as to better assist you achieve your goals. Hence i engage you in different styles of food preparation and various food ingredients to try out.

Cooking video content:

It is the digital era and we have all heard a picture is worth a thousand words but with  video, you don’t have to imagine and your product can vividly be brought to life. I look forward to working with your brand to create visually enticing content.

Recipe Development:

I love a challenge, and creating exciting ,unique ways to feature ingredients or products, for a recipe is simply exhilarating.

Content can be created in partnership for publication on this website, national publications, magazines ,other websites and social platforms.

Staff  Training:

If you are an establishment and just feel that your staff’s  cooking skills is just not up to par, i can come to your establishment and train your staff

to improve on their cooking skills, hygiene, safety as well as revamp the old recipes.

Food demonstrations:

If you have products you would like me to showcase to consumers on different ways to use them, get in touch and we can see how best to proceed.

Conferences, forums:

Do you have a conference, forum you would like me to attend and speak about food/health? Great i would love to share my knowledge from the food industry,

culinary careers, shed light on restaurant jobs.

Food on health:obesity, weight loss, adapting to a healthy lifestyle, cooking methods etc.

Sponsored Posts:

If you have a brand I believe in and ideas about creating creative partnerships, let’s chat about how to connect the two.

Brand Ambassadorship:

I would love to share products I believe in with my clients, readers and creating long-term relationships with brands is always welcome.