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Yellow Dal Tomato Curr_sheenaskitchen 0

Yellow Dal Tomato Curry

Lentils are always a great veg option for those days your seeking Vegetarian cormfort food and just dont want to spend a lot of time chopping like a hundred fresh vegetables. It is always...

sweet potato ndengu stew _ sheenas kitchen 0

Coconut Sweet potato and Ndengu Stew

This recipe was the result of a combination of different vegetables that I had in the fridge and pantry… So I decided to combine all of  them with some coconut milk because everything tastes...

Turmeric rice with Peas-yellow rice-Sheenas kitchen 2


Turmeric yellow rice has to be one of my favorite rice recipes and combined with peas, it is just a match made in heaven. It is so simple to make skip ahead and just...