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About the Chef

I grew up in a household where chores were a must and I often found myself stationed in the kitchen watching as my grandmother made the meal and I prepared the ingredients. I quickly took an interest and at the age of 10, I could make dinner for a family of six. Being a businessman, my father often traveled a lot and took us with him. We moved and stayed within East Africa for about four years before we finally came back to our home country Kenya.  Being in Uganda and Tanzania we had to welcome change in our diet which was a great experience as I did not know food could be so versatile. For example in Kampala, Uganda having groundnut sauce with ‘matoke’  mashed plantain instead of the Kenyan traditional ”nyama choma na ugali” roasted meat with stiff maize flour  and in Dar-es-salaam having ‘mchele wa nazi’ coconut rice instead of plain steamed rice. It was then that I realized cooking is diverse and having gone to an international school, I discovered continental cuisine; where alcohol was not just for drinking but for cooking and enriching the flavour of your dish. There was more to fresh herbs  other than dhania (coarriander/cilantro), fruit salad was just not the only dessert and that ”Royco” should not be the only spice in your pantry as is common in Kenya.

I learned that cooking is all about  imagination and  incorporating a number of experimental ingredients in a dish until you discover something new that will excite people’s palates.

Thus I knew I loved cooking from a tender age and aspired to share my knowledge and experience with  Kenyans and other nationalities  about the simple pleasures of food.


I attended and graduating from  Top Chef Culinary Institute where I gained much knowledge on food and trained at the luxurious Sankara and Ole Sereni Hotel broadening and acquiring new skills and much insight into the culinary world.