Cooking Classes – House Manager/ Nanny

This in-home classes are conveniently held at the clients home.  

“I know my house-help is doing her best in the kitchen but I just wish that from time to time she would cook something different, but what can I do?”

" I am just tired of eating the same old meals with the same flavours. "  

Are not words to live by and its time to change things up.

If this are the thoughts you are constantly battling with, then look no further, this cooking class is for you.

Here is how I can help you;


I choose recipes that are easy to learn, tasty, healthy and that use readily available ingredients.  Your house-help will learn to make a variety of meals from salads, stews to pancakes. 

I teach the classes in both english and kiswahili for ease of understanding. As a result, at the end of the classes; your househelp will be more equipped and confident in the kitchen to whip up tasty  meals for you and your family. 

*I also cater to specific dietary needs i.e vegeterian, vegan, non-diary and so forth, thus I can customize the class to your specific dietary requirements.

Get in touch for a quote.


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Dietary restrictions, food allergies, etc, please list them in the comments box above.
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