Have you tried any exotic Imported fruits?

I love fruits and love to eat our local readily available fruits like mangoes, bananas, papaya, pineapples, oranges and so forth but once in while I like to indulge in a variety of imported fruits. Recently I have been consuming nectarines and kiwi fruits.

I came across nectarines which I must say I am in love with.  They are from the peaches family, but with a few differences, they are slightly smaller in size, have no fuzzy outer skin, their skin is more red compared to peaches, slightly sweeter than peaches. Nectarines too like peaches are available in the white and yellow varieties. I tried the white variety which are exceptionally juicy and tasty.

Nectarines unfortunately are imported here in Kenya, which makes them extremely expensive, however if you have the chance I would recommend you try them at least once.


sliced white nectraine

Kiwi fruits are another favorite of mine. These emerald beauties can lift any boring ordinary looking salad and have a very refreshing unique flavor reminiscent of melons,strawberries and bananas. When choosing Kiwi fruits, those that have the sweetest taste will yield gently to pressure when pressed. Avoid those that are too soft, shriveled or have bruised or damp spots. Kiwi fruits are high in vitamin C and if consumed regularly also help reduce whizzing and other respiratory related problems.


Nectarine & kiwi fruits with mint garnish

Both these fruits can be enjoyed on their own or accompanied with some natural yoghurt. Happy exotic fruit Eating:)

Where to Buy:

In Nairobi:

Most high end supermarkets i,e zuchicni, nakumatt will stock this although at a hefty price: kiwi fruit @100 ksh per piece, Nectarines ksh800+ per packet(about 8pcs)

If you have the time you can check the ngara or city park (parklands) market. (price in this markets will be between the supermaket and early market price)

If you are an early bird and are up for an adventure you can check the early morning market inside nakumatt highridge parklands ( from 4am-7.30am). Price:kiwi fruit @40-50 per pc, Nectarines 400 packet(about 8pcs). Most of what is sold at this hour is largely bulk but you can manage to get a few vendors here and there to sell for you individual portions, you know what they say,

good things come to those who wait, but GREAT things come to those who hustle;)




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