Crispy Sweet Potato Ribbons

I love sweet potatoes so lately I decided to make some sweet potato crisps. Rather than the regular round cut, I opted to use a peeler and peel through the flesh forming soft thin ribbons/shavings.

This is not really a recipe but more of a concept as nothing was really measured out.


all you need is

  • a peeler
  • sweet potatoes
  • vegetable oil to deep fat fry
  • seasoning( I used cinnamon powder) but you can easily use salt,black pepper,chili powder/flakes etc..
  1. Using a peeler, peel the skin of the sweet potato.
  2. Once done continue to the flesh and peel through making long thin like ribbons, until the entire sweet potato is in shavings form or until you cant make more shavings from the sweet potato.
  3. Heat Oil in a sauce pan, I used sunflower oil but you can easily use corn oil,canola etc.
  4. Deep fry your sweet potato ribbons in batches, careful not to crowd the pan.
  5. let fry, carefully turning them, and drain onto a paper towel when golden brown.
  6. sprinkle with little cinnamon powder or your choice of seasoning and serve. (use the cinnamon sparingly, it is just for enhancement and not to over the sweet potatoes.)
*Personally I did not add salt but if you need to go right ahead.
*Because of the the thinness they tend to brown pretty fast, so keep a watchful eye to not over brown/brpwn as they will acquire a bitter taste.

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  1. Victor Okanga says:

    I love the simple yet creative ideas.

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